From California success to
global brands

Origin House is on a trajectory from today’s California brand
development to tomorrow’s global brands.

Our foundation: California

Origin House is the home for promising cannabis brands in California.

With our strong distribution network, bringing 50+ brands to more than 400 retailers, Origin House sees strong revenue from owned and distributed brands. This puts Origin House in a perfect position to attract promising new brands and to build invaluable data on this developing market from the inside.


Internalizing and accelerating
the winners

Building a portfolio of California brands that will be in demand globally. Not only do we see strong revenue from owned and distributed brands in CA, our acquired brands build our position for broader growth.


Acquire brands with runway to grow

Negotiate rights to sell in other jurisdictions

Develop strongest brands into platforms for additional product types

Accelerate distributed brand growth within California

Entering new markets with
global brands

As new markets come online, Origin House will be ready with a suite of proven brands.

With such a head start and our scalable production, logistics and marketing blueprints from California, Origin House will be set to enter and dominate cannabis markets across the globe.

Origin House Game Plan

Build operational support network

Replicate successful California brand portfolio in new regions

Expand into favorable states and countries

Building Shareholder Value

Building a Global Cannabis Consumer Brands Company

Origin House Chart

Multiple Drivers of Growth

Closing/integration of recent acquisitions

Owned Brands Revenue

Distributed Brands Revenue

Closed Loop Brand Development

Acquired Brands Revenue

Additional new markets significantly boosts growth

Our Investment Strategy

We are uniquely positioned to contribute strategic capital and functional know-how aimed at driving commercialization and maximizing the return potential of our diversified platform of assets and holdings.


People First

People First

Great businesses start with great people. We stand behind passion, determination, human values and leadership.



A new market offers unique opportunities for better ideas.   We identify outstanding first movers and help them move further, faster.

Review & Analyze

Review & Analyze

Expert evaluation by cannabis pros, plus high-level strategic analysis shapes our projections of business potential.

Right Fit Investment

Right Fit Investment

Our flexible investments are structured to fit business needs and our investment perspective. This may include secured convertible loans, royalty agreements , or equity positions.

Execute Business Strategy

Execute Business Strategy

A highly experienced senior management team to support and guide the success of our investment partners.

Create Shareholder Value

Create Shareholder Value

Cannabis know-how, first mover leverage, plus financial and management expertise targeting a diverse mix of income and asset growth.