Brand Acceleration

A unique formula for turning great products into winning brands

In every industry, most great products never make it to becoming successful brands. The legal cannabis industry is new, and in many ways unique, but all the same realities apply to cannabis brands that apply to every consumer product before them.

Origin House Brands
Origin House Formula

The formula isn’t magic. It means bringing together all the capital, the marketing and branding expertise, the logistics, the scalable manufacturing, the distribution and the legal and IP resources and applying them to a genuinely good product.

Origin House Bear

“If they can make it there”

The song almost got it right – if they can make it in CA, they can make it anywhere.

We work with brands we believe in, not to absorb and reinvent, but to nurture and accelerate. With the right financial support, marketing guidance, and infrastructure, a good product can become an in-demand brand.

Being in the distribution network of Origin House Supply, these transformed brands can get into the hands of the people who will love them.

And the brands that California loves become the brands that the world wants.