CannaRoyalty Announces Record Financial Results for the Second Quarter of 2018: Revenue of $3.5 million, +446% Sequentially; Earnings per Share of $0.18

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  • Q2-2018 Revenue of $3.5 million compared to $643,437 in Q1-2018 – marks the successful initiation of California distribution and manufacturing strategy.
  • Net income of $9.3 million (EPS of $0.18) and EBITDA of $10.4 million generated through execution of stated strategy to rationalize non-core assets and an increase in gross margin related to growing product sales.
  • FloraCal (closed July 2nd) and RVR Distribution (“RVR”) (closing in Q3-2018) are performing above plan and are expected to drive sequential revenue growth through the second half of 2018 and beyond.
  • Premier cannabis brand development platform powered by five licensed distribution and manufacturing facilities across California, delivering several of the state’s top independent branded products to the majority of licensed dispensaries in the state.1

Ottawa, Canada – August 23, 2018 – CannaRoyalty Corp. (CSE: CRZ) (OTCQX: CNNRF) (“CannaRoyalty” or the “Company”) today announced the Company’s financial results for the three and six-month periods ended June 30, 2018. All figures are reported in Canadian dollars ($), unless otherwise indicated. CannaRoyalty’s financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”).

“Q2 marked a turning point for CannaRoyalty and its shareholders as the team translated strategy and execution into record financial performance. The Company generated earnings per share of $0.18 primarily by delivering on its stated objective of rationalizing early passive investments. The Company also generated a record adjusted EBITDA result for a Canadian-listed cannabis company2,” said Marc Lustig, CEO of CannaRoyalty. “Q2 is the beginning of a multi-quarter parabolic step change in revenue, powered by sequential acquisitions and organic growth. CannaRoyalty generated a record $3.5 million in revenue this quarter, a 446% increase from Q1 and more than the Company generated in all of 2017. These results reflect the successful initiation of the Company’s strategic focus on building its Californian distribution and brands platform. This growth is expected to continue in Q3 and Q4 as FloraCal and RVR are added to the Company’s financials and as our team continues to grow market share and expand the Company’s supporting manufacturing and value-add services footprint. Both RVR and FloraCal are performing above expectations, and we are actively executing our plans to increase the revenue generating capacity of both companies. I thank all of our long term shareholders for their faith in this team and our plan. I am proud to say that this is truly just the beginning of the CannaRoyalty story.”

“Our goal is to be the home of origin for the global cannabis brands of the future. It’s a model built on trust. Trust from our brand partners that we will drive their success in California and beyond. Trust from our retail partners that we will deliver exactly what they need. Without that trust, it is not possible to build the trust we are seeking from consumers – which is what we believe a brand to be. We’ve been hard at work building the infrastructure and services needed to support brands in building that consumer trust,” said Afzal Hasan, President and General Counsel of CannaRoyalty. “This is a highly scalable platform. We touch the majority1 of licensed dispensaries in the state. We’re doing this not just because we believe it will result in the formation of tomorrow’s global cannabis brands, but also because we believe it will drive industry leading revenue growth in the next 12 months. We’re actively pursuing distribution relationships with a number of California’s leading brands, and each successful relationship that we enter into is immediately accretive to our revenue run rate. With $15.7 million in cash at the end of Q2, the proceeds from our recent convertible debenture issue and the combined $26 million sale of certain non-core assets, we have the financial strength to continue to take advantage of the accretive growth opportunities we see in the California market.”

Recent Developments

For a more comprehensive overview of these recent developments, please refer to CannaRoyalty’s Management’s Discussion and Analysis of the Financial Condition and Results of Operations for the Three Months Ended June 30, 2018.

  • On July 3, 2018, CannaRoyalty announced the close of the FloraCal Farms acquisition for a total consideration of US$1 million in cash and 35,088 CannaRoyalty Class A Compressed Shares, as well as up to an additional US$3 million in cash and 35,088 Compressed Shares to be paid over 3 years, based on completion of certain milestones and other considerations.
  • On July 6, 2018, executing on its stated strategy to focus on expanding its California footprint, CannaRoyalty announced that it purchased a licensed distribution and manufacturing facility in the city of Cotati in Sonoma County, California for US$2.4 million. The Cotati facility will serve as an additional hub for distribution, as well as supporting manufacturing infrastructure, to meet the strong demand of CannaRoyalty’s distributed brand portfolio.
  • On July 12, 2018, CannaRoyalty announced that it had acquired the exclusive rights to distribute and manufacture Pacific Remedy LLC’s industry-leading infused pre-rolls in California.
  • On July 12, 2018, the Company announced that it had closed a fully marketed private placement of unsecured convertible debentures raising aggregate gross proceeds of $32,980,000.
  • On August 9, 2018, CannaRoyalty announced the close of Aurora’s acquisition of Anandia Inc. for initial consideration valued at approximately $115 million in common shares and warrants of Aurora. CannaRoyalty’s equity stake in Anandia was reported at approximately $26.4 million3 as of June 30, 2018.
  • On August 9, 2018, CannaRoyalty announced its intention to commence normal course issuer bid. Under the proposed normal course issuer bid, CannaRoyalty may purchase up to 5% of CannaRoyalty’s issued and outstanding common shares over a 12-month period using proceeds from asset divestitures.

On August 14, 2018, the Company’s previously announced (July 11th) sale of its Canadian pre-roll technology license to Aurora for aggregate consideration of $7 million4 in Aurora common shares, had closed.

  1. Based on publicly available and internal CannaRoyalty statistics
  2. Based on publicly available financial information for Canadian publicly-traded cannabis companies
  3. CannaRoyalty’s proceeds in Aurora equity generated through the sale of the Company’s Anandia position is valued at $19.9 million based on the closing price of Aurora common shares on August 22, 2018.
  4. The value of these shares based on the closing price of Aurora common shares on August 22, 2018, was approximately C$6.1 million.

Financial Highlights – Q2 – 2018

Operating Results

All comparisons below are to June 30, 2017, unless otherwise noted

  • Revenues were $3.5 million as compared to $960,157, an increase of 266%;
  • Gross margin was $820,935 as compared $421,681, an increase of 95%;
  • Operating expenses were $6.3 million as compared to $2.7 million, an increase of 129%;
  • Net income of $9.3 million as compared to a net loss of $2.0 million;
  • Net income per basic share of $0.18 as compared to a net loss per basic share of $0.05;
  • Net income per diluted share of $0.17 as compared to a net loss per diluted share of $0.05;
  • Adjusted EBITDA income of $11.1 million as compared to a loss of $1.0 million, an increase of $12.1 million; and
  • Adjusted EBITDA per basic share of $0.21 as compare to a loss of $0.02, an increase of $0.23 per basic share;
  • Adjusted EBITDA income per diluted share of $0.20 as compared to a loss of $0.02, an increase of $0.22 per basic share.

Balance Sheet

All comparisons below are to December 31, 2017, unless otherwise noted

  • Cash was $15.7 million as compared to $4.5 million an increase of 248%;
  • Total assets of $94.8 million as compared to $46.1 million, an increase of 105%;
  • Current assets of $23.5 million as compared to $7.9 million, an increase of 196%;
  • Current liabilities of $5.9 million as compared to $2.1 million, an increase of 178%; and
  • Long-term debt of $290,457 as compared to $2.3 million, a decrease of 87%.

Results of Operations (Summary)

The following tables set forth consolidated statements of financial information for the three and six-month periods ending June 30, 2018 and June 30, 2017. For further information regarding the Company’s financial results for these periods, please refer to the Company’s Management’s Discussion and Analysis for the periods ended June 30, 2018 and June 30, 2017 and the Company’s Financial Statements for the periods ended June 30, 2018, published on CannaRoyalty’s issuer profile on SEDAR at and the Company’s website at


June 30, 2018 December 31, 2017 Change
Selected statement of financial position data
Cash  $ 15,724,845  $             4,522,644  $ 11,202,201
Working capital     17,558,886                 5,813,705     11,745,181
Total investments (1)     44,096,031               26,674,288     17,421,743
Total assets     94,791,037               46,139,757     48,651,280
Long term and convertible debt           290,457                 2,258,467      (1,968,010)
Shareholders’ equity     85,244,780               40,468,344     44,776,436
Dividends, per share                         –                                  –                       –


Three months ended Six months ended
June 30, 2018 June 30, 2017 June 30, 2018 June 30, 2017
Consolidated Statements of Net Income (Loss)
Revenue  $ 3,511,466  $    960,157  $ 4,154,903  $ 1,261,268
Gross margin         820,935         421,681         791,305         666,154
Operating expenses     6,280,216     2,741,685   10,760,230     5,794,446
Loss from operations    (5,459,281)    (2,320,004)    (9,968,925)    (5,128,292)
Net income (loss)     9,298,488    (2,017,556)     4,644,015    (3,984,161)
Other income (expense)         698,464       (449,955)     1,244,069       (537,135)
Total comprehensive income (loss)     9,996,952    (2,467,511)     5,888,084    (4,521,296)
Net earnings (loss) per common share – basic                0.18              (0.05)                0.10              (0.10)
Net earnings (loss) per common share – diluted                0.17              (0.05)                0.09              (0.10)
Weighted average common shares – basic   51,560,197   41,829,704   48,536,866   40,356,024
Weighted average common shares – diluted   55,308,327   41,829,704   52,462,527   40,356,024

Share Capital

The Company’s authorized share capital is an unlimited number of common shares of which 53,694,947 were issued and outstanding as at June 30, 2018 (December 31, 2017 – 43,898,445 common shares). The Company has issued 3,842,990 RSUs that have not been exercised as at June 30, 2018 including 2,203,345 that have vested (December 31, 2017 – 4,153,150 including 1,933,587 that had vested).  As of June 30, 2018, there are share purchase warrants and broker warrants outstanding that can potentially be converted to 4,491,866 shares (December 31, 2017 – 4,112,712).   The Company has issued 967,500 share options that have not been exercised as at June 30, 2018 including 308,250 that have vested (December 31, 2017 – 850,000 including 212,500 that had vested).


Conference Call

CannaRoyalty will host a conference call on, Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 8:30 a.m. (Eastern Time) to discuss its 2018 second quarter financial results. The call will be chaired by Marc Lustig, Chief Executive Officer, Afzal Hasan, President and General Counsel and François Perrault, Chief Financial Officer.


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About CannaRoyalty

CannaRoyalty is a North American cannabis consumer product company currently focused on building a leading distribution business in California, the world’s largest regulated cannabis market. By building a world-class logistics platform and supporting contract manufacturing assets, the Company intends to support the growth of new and established cannabis brands. The Company believes California, home to some of the world’s most discerning consumers and a nexus of information and trends, will be the point of inception for the global cannabis brands of the future. CannaRoyalty has developed a diversified portfolio of assets within the cannabis sector, including research, infrastructure and intellectual property to support our existing brands, partner products and distribution networks. The Company’s leadership and staff combines passion and a hands-on understanding of the cannabis industry, with proven financial and legal expertise. CannaRoyalty’s shares trade on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) under the symbol CRZ and in the US on the OTCQX under the symbol CNNRF.


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